Kiraak Pop Grips

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Kiraak Pop Grips

Buy Kiraak Pop Grips Online?

SpoilX offers the unique Kiraak Pop Grips which are available nowhere. While Pop Sockets may look silly at first, there are many great ways to use them. It takes time to get used to your phone's PopSocket, but after a while, it becomes an essential accessory. You'll find it hard to go back to a phone or tablet without one.

Why Are Popsockets So Expensive?

A PopSocket is a plastic circle that you attach to a flat phone (or case) with a sticky adhesive. Once you pull or "pop" it out twice, the PopSocket extends like a small accordion. That way, you can slip your fingers in between your phone and the end of the PopSocket, allowing for a more comfortable and tighter grip.

Are Popsockets Easily Removable?

If the idea of having a slight bulge on the back of your phone all the time bothers you, don't worry. Pop Sockets are easy to remove, install, or reposition at any time. You'll notice that Pop Sockets come in two parts: the base (the adhesive disc), and the Pop Top (the design portion). While the Pop Top portion easily comes off when you get bored of its look, removing the base is a little trickier.

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